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Our Founder

“When life comes at you fast it's time to slow down"

Anthony Capobianco grew up in the Midwest where his grandmother introduced him to Lipton and Red Rose tea when he was around 8 years old. As this tradition carried on, years later he discovered loose leaf tea and continued his research learning more about this ancient art form. 

Anthony entered the corporate world in his early 20's working long hours as an executive mortgage banker. He gravitated toward tea as a way to ground himself and slow down. His coworkers took notice that in the midst of what resembled the stock room trading floor, there he was "Zenned" out drinking tea at his desk. At the request of his colleagues, he began sharing and eventually selling tea while encouraging coworkers how to slow things down a bit. 
Since then Anthony has taken many courses on tea, traveled internationally to several tea gardens, judged tea competitions and has been featured in several media outlets including the Huffington Post, Better Nutrition,  and various morning television shows and podcasts. All in an effort to bring awareness to quality tea while helping people step up their tea game. 

"I aim to keep the tea preparation process simple and not too serious."

Our Story

In January 2008, Zen Tea Traders was launched as a lifestyle brand. Anthony's vision was to provide quality full leaf teas direct from family owned farms and show others how to use tea as a way to ground themselves. The "Zen" in our name came from Anthony's 20 years of Karate training where he was taught to slow down his mind and search for answers inside himself.  

It’s very important for people to know a little something about the tea they are drinking. That is why Anthony traveled to Japan to meet some of our tea farmers and get a better understanding of this age old art form we call tea. 

"Meeting the families from tea producing countries and seeing the hard work that goes into this fine art, makes me appreciate tea even more."

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Our mission

 To provide an artisan tea experience that captures all the senses. 

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